Hey loves! Please peruse below for all the various free offerings that I have available. My goal is to help you go where you’re at right now to where you want to be.

Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation

Hey beautiful! Are you ready to meet your spirit guide? Here’s a free guided meditation that will take you on a journey to the temple of the masters where you will receive a huge energetic shift and very likely meet your spirit guide for the first time.

For your convenience you can download it or stream it from my website. If you click “download”, it will download automatically. Enjoy!

Intuition 101

Just in case you are a little bit more visual instead of audio, I put together a manual explaining the base clair senses “clairvoyant, clairsentience, clairaudient” as well as practices for you to develop your intuitive skills. These are fun and easy to implement.

Feeling Stressed, Worried, or Anxious Around Money

Hey loves! I know how it feels to live pay check to pay check, stressed about money or worried if you are going to be able to pay rent this month. Here’s an easy to read and easy to implement guide to help you shift those money vibes to make life more abundant. Enjoy!

Law of Attraction Condensed Guide

Hey loves! Here’s a super short condensed guide that explains all five steps of Law of Attraction. Consider this your cheatsheet. You can download that below.

If you want a fuller and detailed explanation, sign up below for a free in depth 5-day video series.

The Only Free Guide That Explains All Five Steps of Law of Attraction

Understanding the law of attraction is frustrating right? So many steps and when you manifest and feel great only to not manifest the very next day? Even more frustrating!

I've made a simple and concise 5 day guide to understand all the ins and out in law of attraction that explain each step in a practical and immediately implementable way!

Each day, you'll receive a short and concise message coupled with a video that will make you a manifesting champ!

If you're ready to truly learn how to bend the laws of the universe to your will ;) just enter your details below and I'll email the info straight to your inbox!

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