If you're here then you're ready for a major shift in life. You're looking to take a quantum leap, a massive vibrational shift and you're wondering how in the world you're going to do it. Of course this isn't stopping you because you know the dream you desire deep down inside is possible and just need a little guidance. You want to feel the clarity within and know that the Universe is wickedly conspiring in your favor to make your dream a reality.

Hi, I'm KELLY. A Law of Attraction expert and translator of source energy (Abraham) as well as George. Some call this an angel whisperer, channel, medium, or even psychic. Either way, I have a team of 5 spirit guides and we're ready to help you manifest.

What lead me to become your personal Angel Whisperer, Channeler of Spirit?

I've been a channel since I was born. I recall my first time channeling when I was about 4. I asked my guides for help with helping make Mom happy. What could I do to make Mom feel special today? To my delight I heard a response and it worked. She was thrilled.

I started asking what do I need to study to get an A on this test? Aced.

I asked again, what do I need to do to make the choir? Made it.

Again, how do I get into UC Berkeley? Graduated.

Travel? Beyond worked. 

They lead me on a 2 year journey from CA to Maine by myself through 37 states. From staying in houses that were built stone by stone, being paid to stay in a home with an 18 par golf course in the backyard, living the Big City life in Manhatten, NY 6 blocks from Central Park, and even vacationing in Portland, Maine. 20 of the 24 months were rent free.

Spirit laid out the red carpet for me to explore, travel, experience, and most importantly have the time to meditate and connect with them 4 sometimes 5 hours a day.

In building this trust with them, I even continued to travel after being laid off. I KNEW THE BIG U had my back.

And I know they have your back too.

After experiencing profound quantum leaps in spiritual gifts and experiencing my dreams becoming a reality I figured out how spirit guides and how the law of attraction works.

I can't wait to share it with you.

Here's another way to say it ~ Everyone knows how to do a pushup but most everyone thrives under the guidance of a personal trainer showing them how they can do 30 pushups. Allow me to be your spiritual coach. Let me show you what you can do.